Clean Energy and Clean Transportation Jobs Will Create More than 15,000 Jobs

Renewable Energy JobsA report released by a group called Environmental Entrepreneurs states that over 15,000 jobs could be created following announcements of 80 clean transportation and clean energy projects by companies and communities during the third quarter of this year. The projects include the generation of solar energy, recycling, bio-fuels and manufacturing that is clean energy related.

The manufacturing and renewable power generation industries topped the list following announcements of 10,000 jobs all together. The states that topped the list for job announcements were Nevada, California, Michigan, New York and Texas. Leading the way with clean energy and clean transportation job announcements were the states of Nevada and California.

The report found that although federal level policies had an impact on growth, green energy policies in some states were having notable influence on job creation. Since 2011, Environmental Entrepreneurs have been tracking jobs created by clean energy and clean transportation.