Duckweed Is No Longer The Ugly Duckling

duckweed energy sourceDuckweed is a form of algae that grows in lakes and ponds all over the UK. However, it has long been seen as something that litters the path to a good duck hunt. However, it may become one of the best ways to produce biofuel that could be used in homes and in vehicles all throughout Europe.

The weed grows so quickly that it can be produced in a stable environment and could help to produce biofuels if it can be done in a cost-effective manner.

This weed is something that scientists can add to a laundry list of items that will help them to produce more economically and environmentally efficient fuels for vehicles and homes. The beauty of having biofuels made from such plants is that they are cheap and easy to grow. Anything that shows promise could be the next best thing in biofuel production.