Hong Kong Is Getting Into The Biofuel Arena

algae fuelResearchers in Hong Kong are working on a new kind of biofuel that is not based on regular plants.  This biofuel is based on the algae that grows off the coast of this island metropolis.

In essence, the fuel inside the algae is an essential oil that exists inside the plant.  The oil can be extracted and turned into a gasoline just like regular crude oil is.  However, algae can be grown just for this purpose and become fuel whenever people need it to be.

Currently, the technology is not cost-effective simply because it is new and researchers have not yet figured out how to grow the algae and extract the oil in an effective way.  However, this technology has huge potential simply because algae is so easy to grow.  Plus, the algae can be cultivated on farms to help produce gasoline at rates even higher than that of crude oil, if the technology can be streamlined.